4. Clients with eligible simplified projects that are also eligible for net metering must sign the single national contract. The single national contract, together with the simplified application conditions (MN DIP Annex 2), serve as a net metering contract and customer interconnection agreement, including an estimate of the costs for all utilities required for the project (e.B. interconnections or distribution upgrades). Customers can apply to sign a full agreement to interconnect Minnesota`s distributed energy resources if they wish. For the cost of submitting an interconnection verification request, see Getting Started. The new forms should be used in place of the previous application forms, called forms 6027 and 6028. The new forms consist of a single basic application form and a set of technology-specific attachments. The forms aim to streamline the information requested by DG Interconnection`s notifiers and to eliminate the information deemed unnecessary that was included in the previous forms. (3) Identified Utility Interconnection Coordinator and Interconnection Information Website; 5) The utility connection queue for projects (can be available online or by phone with the connection coordinator).

Thomas Malone, Engineer: thomas.h.malone@xcelenergy.com Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Rules, Chapter 7835 on Cogeneration and Small Power Generation, deals with the interconnection of qualified power plants. With Bill 216B and House Bill HF956. The following links will take you to the Minnesota Office of the Auditor of Statues website and open in a new window. 3. As the affected system, the PSP will determine what additional studies are needed to coordinate the effects, up to the study of the effects in the final impact studies of the interconnection system (“DSIS”). SPS requires that all studies required by the PPS be completed as a condition of interconnection with the generation customer requesting interconnection. SPS has the possibility to conclude the study agreements applicable to the affected systems and to be financially responsible for these studies or, as a condition of interconnection, to require the customer of the interconnection to submit a request to participate in the DSIS process or, where applicable, in another SPP study process. 1) How much does a utility charge me to connect a decentralized energy resource in my home/business? Our Solar*Rewards program allows Xcel Energy customers to support solar energy by installing their own solar system. Through the program, solar installers/developers often help submit a connection request on behalf of the customer. .