LAMC has joint agreements with a large number of universities, including the campuses of the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and private and non-governmental colleges/universities. Explore the following articulation agreements and meet with a LAMC advisor to develop an educational plan. If you don`t see any agreement with a college or university you`re interested in, don`t worry, just make an appointment with a LAMC advisor and they`ll help you establish an educational plan to take you to the university of your dreams. A trajectory that does not appear on an agreement does not pass to the LMU. Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU): California Community Colleges Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) Engagement Azusa Pacific University Biola University Brandman University California Lutheran University Don Bosco Technical Institute: CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM): CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Heald Colleges: CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement Humphreys College: CSUGE Breadth Certificat Université Vereinbarung Loma Linda Université Loyola Marymount (LMU) Mount St. Mary`s College National University Pacific Oaks College San Joaquin Valley College: CSUGE Breadth Certification Agreement University of La Verne University of the Pacific Undergraduate University of the Pacific Pharmacy Program University of Redlands University of San Francisco University of Southern California (USC) Transfer Planner (including articulation by main subject) University of Southern California (USC) Articulation University of Southern California (USC) which relates to transfer work: LMU participates in the College Board`s advanced placement program. At the time of entry to the university, students can receive a credit for the subjects in which they have completed the AP exams with a minimum score of 4. When official grades have been received by the College Board, applicants are notified of the advanced ranking and course credit according to the table below. CSU ADT Degree Search Tool: current list of CSU majors, considered similar to an ADT degree Loyola Marymount University follows its history through Loyola University, founded in 1911 to succeed St Vincent`s College, founded in 1865, and Marymount College, founded in 1933 and which has its roots in the Marymount School, founded in 1923. Loyola Marymount, which sits on the cliffs overlooking Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey, is the parent school of Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles.

The Previous Equivalencies database allows you to see how courses have been transferred in the past by schools without an LMU transfer contract. Since they are not part of a transfer contract, they do not necessarily have to be transferred as indicated.