I buy a dish contract registered at the town hall, but the date of the agreement is empty, as we update at the town hall, please. This request, which was made by the bank before the suspension of the check If the original was lost in relation to your apartment, then it is not your fault. It is the duty of the Office to keep the record, and the same is known as the index. Can I download this document (Index 2) online and is it a valid document? When I download, I want to learn how to fill out the index form. nondani challan, and the use of documents Are there training facilities? Please inform 2) Index 2 is proof of their registration of the deed of sale. 3) It is not your fault that the original registered agreement was transferred by the Office 2) submit an RTI application to the Mamledar office to find out why index 2 of your dwelling has not been established (1) Four such indices are established in all registrars and are mentioned respectively index n° I, index No II. Index number. III and Index No IV. We want our index 2 and we walk everywhere to get that. Need help getting this document. See the date of receipt of the registration, you will receive a certified copy of the registered document and request index 2 from the sub-registration office in which it is registered. My husband and I inherited 1/2 of a responsible apartment in Pune from my mother, in accordance with her will. We need to prepare Index II.

I immediately bequeathed 1/2 part. The unshared part of Bal. 1/2 is abandoned by the only surviving heir, my brother`s son. The Registration Act requires the preparation and maintenance of the number of indices that must be kept for the preservation of records. This is proof that the document has been submitted for registration You can visit the IGR Maharashtra website under igrmaharashtra.gov.in/ which contains index 2 of all documents registered in Maharashtra. There are 4 types of indexes created by the registration department and which are categories by document type, which are as follows. In the current circumstances, the competent authority is the Supreme Court, which instructs Mamledar, without insisting on other documents. Please file an application with the High Court. This article explains what the Index – II or Index 2 document means when a document is saved or refers to a saved document. I bought a plot of land in 2003 and got Registered Sale Deed. But I don`t have Index II. As I receive the II Copy index.

Can you get Index II online, if so, please guide me. Thank you. The registration of an apartment in Haveli No. 2 in Pune in February 2001 was not used at the time using the computerized proof format of Index II. Is it normal to submit a copy of the registration receipt or does the buyer have to retroactively produce a computerized receipt or what? The basic name look-up is also available after entering the property number. 2. Many index II can also be downloaded from the IGR website. . Index No. 1.

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