E. The Medical Director documents complaints from patients and physicians and reports these complaints and their resolution to the PEP/administrator, with a response from the hospital. Complaint documentation includes: date, issue involved, solution reached, copy of letter confirmed solution to patients or doctors who submitted the complaint. 3.2 Counting and collecting the hospital. With regard to hospital services, the hospital implements adequate billing and collection functions for all services provided by the facilities. The licensee takes all reasonable steps required by the hospital to assist in the accounting and recovery of funds for hospital services provided through its service. With respect to the services provided to non-patients, in the hospital, the settlement and recovery services of all services provided to these individuals are provided and the contractor will take all reasonable measures requested by the hospital to assist in the billing and recovery of funds against these services. 5.9 Effects of dismissal. When this agreement expires or is not renewed, as envisaged above, no party has any additional commitment under this agreement, with the exception of (i) obligations arising before the termination date and (ii) of commitments, commitments or agreements that are expressly entered into in this contract beyond the duration of the agreement, including, but not limited to, compensation, professional liability, non-competition agreement and confidentiality. In the event that this agreement is denounced for or without cause in the first year of this agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that they will not enter into the same agreement or, essentially, the same agreement as one (1) year after the actual agreement of this agreement. 6.14 Referral. The hospital and the contractors recognize and accept that this agreement and any other agreement regarding services or personal agreements between the hospital and the contractor, radiologists or a family member of direct radiologists refer to a list (s) of contracts maintained and updated annually by the hospital. 2.13 Non-competition.

Contractors and the hospital recognize the importance of collaboration in all aspects of imaging saving in the primary service area of the hospital.