India and the United States signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA), signed with the two agreements previously signed LAMOA and comcasa. Beca is not a stand-alone agreement. This is the culmination of three basic agreements that allow India access to high-precision and strategic military intelligence services. The three agreements are the Memorandum of Understanding on the Exchange of Logistics Documents (LEMOA), the Security and Communication Agreement (COMCASA) and the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) for Geospatial Intelligence. First, she embraced President Trump and called him an ally in Falun Gong`s scorched earth fight against China`s ruling Communist Party, which banned the group two decades ago and has persecuted its members ever since. His relatively timid coverage of American politics has become more partisan, with more articles explicitly supporting Mr. Trump and criticizing his opponents. (Source) On October 27, 2020, the United States and India will be invited to a ministerial dialogue of 2-2. They will sign the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geographical Cooperation (BECA). This agreement will give India access to much-needed and highly accurate geographic data. Most of the information that will be disclosed under the agreement will be that of the unclassified category, but there is also a provision for the exchange of classified information. And as one might expect, the UPA government has repeatedly created obstacles by using arbitrary straw man arguments that India adopts as an innocent young child that everyone will flout.

Unlike the diligence required to work on agreements that are essential to our defence. This article is based on “The Delhi-DC strategic dance” published in the Hindustan Times on 27.10.2020. It discusses the impact of the signing of the basic agreement on trade and cooperation between India and the United States on the signing of the Exchange and Cooperation Agreement in the context of geographic data research (BASIC). So if these agreements were so decisive in helping India`s strategic defence capabilities and capabilities, why didn`t India sign these agreements before Modi`s government? The answer lies in archaic diplomatic attitudes that previous governments had taken in the name of “autonomy” and which did not adapt to the United States, even if it made sense.