3.12 Litigation. No action, action, procedure or investigation is under way or, to the company`s knowledge, is currently threatened against the company whose current ownership of the company in shares, individually or as a whole, will result in a substantial change in the company`s assets, activity, property or financial situation or a change in the company`s current ownership of the company. , or the validity of this agreement or related agreements or the right of the company, or to complete the proposed transactions. The above includes, without restriction, legal actions or, threatened to the company`s knowledge, the prior employment of a salaried company, including the use in connection with the company in connection with the company of information or techniques allegedly owned by one of its former employers, or their obligations arising from agreements with former employers. The corporation is not a party or its knowledge subject to the provisions of an order, order, order, court or decree of a court or a government or instrumentality authority. There is no action, lawsuit, procedure or investigation currently underway by the company or that the company intends to initiate. 1.2 Sale and purchase. Subject to the terms provided for this purpose, the entity undertakes, in the financial statements (as defined below), to issue and sell to any purchaser, and each purchaser undertakes to acquire several shares of the Company and not collectively, a) the number of preferred shares indicated in relation to the name of these purchasers on Schedule A at a purchase price of seven dollars and fifteen cents (7.15) per share. , and (b) the number of common shares listed in relation to the names of these purchasers on Schedule A at a purchase price of four dollars and 67 cents ($4.67) per share. as of the date of this development and the shares, small shares eligible for section 1202 (c) of the code should be considered from the date of this Act. The Company also assures and guarantees that, at the time of this delay, it meets the active commercial requirements of Section 1202 (e) of the Code and has not made substantial withdrawals within the meaning of Section 1202 (c) (3) (B) of the code. b) there are no agreements: Agreements, instruments, contracts, proposed transactions, judgments, scheduling, letters or decrees in which the company is involved or its knowledge to which it is related, which (i) future obligations (conditional or otherwise) of the business or payments to the company of more than $100,000 or (ii) include the transfer or license of an essential patent, copyright , business secrecy or other property rights of the company or company (other 3.2 subsidiaries). The entity does not own or control the guarantee of shares or other shares of other companies, partnerships, limited liability companies or others.

The company does not participate in joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies or similar agreements.