The opposition of the Palestinian leadership to the measures of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, as well as the indiscriminate hatred they have provoked in the Persian Gulf, simply shows how the traditional Palestinian attitude – all or nothing – still blocks any progress. That is why, in 2000, 2001 and 2008, the Palestinians rejected Israel`s offer to create a state that would have met almost all of their demands. In addition, the Palestinians are concerned that Bahrain has signed the treaty with Israel, which is a clear sign of The Agreement of Saudi Arabia, while the Saudis have so far supported the Palestinians. They feel betrayed by everyone. It is common knowledge that even if a peace agreement with Israel is not concluded under the current Saudi king, one does not take into account under the next, if he is [the current crown prince] Mohammed bin Salman. Because of the upcoming election, the deal will also benefit Trump; During a campaign, it is worth presenting yourself as an ambassador for peace, as many of his predecessors have done. Abraham`s agreements were concluded; This should be directed at evangelical Christians in the United States and support trump`s re-election to the White House. High-level delegations from Israel and the United Arab Emirates will sign a historic peace agreement brokered by the United States at the White House on Tuesday. On the other hand, some Israeli rights have expressed anger at Mr. Netanyahu for breaking his promise of annexation. At a televised press conference, he said that the annexation had only been postponed “temporarily.” “In the same way that I brought peace with an Arab country,” Netanyahu said, “I will bring sovereignty.” Thus Netanyahu, as he has done repeatedly in public and in private, finds himself in a rather familiar defamation of Iranian faults, Iranian misdeeds and how Israel and the Gulf States must ally themselves against this Iranian threat.

Otaiba nods. He agrees with everything Netanyahu says. And that`s how you get the superficial impression of being a fairly harmless conversation. The New York Times saw the deal as a timely foreign policy breakthrough for President Donald Trump in the context of the November 2020 presidential election, where he lagged in the opinion polls of his opponent Joe Biden amid widespread social unrest in the United States and an economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [21] And it was quick. Mr. Trump surrounded himself in the Oval Office with a large delegation of aides and officials who received exuberant praise for him, and joked that the agreement should be called the “Donald J. Trump Accord.” At a later briefing, White House National Security Adviser Robert C.

O`Brien even announced that the president would win the Nobel Peace Prize. In Somaliland, Kenyan envoy Omar Awil welcomed the normalization between the two countries. This is a key example of the importance of bilateral cooperation for regional stability. [104] [105] Each party recognizes the right of the vessels of the other contracting party to transit innocently in its territorial waters, in accordance with international law.