E. Effects of expiry or termination. After the end or expiry, you will stop using and removing all content from the Academy and immediately stop using our brand, including HubSpot badges. The termination or expiry of this agreement does not result in the termination of your subscription contract if you have one. Information about our partner program, which applies to agency partners, can be found at legal.hubspot.com/partner-program-agreement. We update these policies regularly and you`ll find the latest version here. While most startups in Toronto and beyond opt for integration, some innovative companies are creating legal partnerships. Partnerships are a legal agreement between two or more parties. The contract generally defines the terms of the partnership and the operation of the incentive. A partnership is not a separate legal entity from its owners.

This agreement does not create an exclusive agreement between you and us. You and we have the right to recommend similar products and services to third parties and to cooperate with other parties in the same capacity or capacity. Read more: Funding Models for Ontario Investors and Entrepreneurs You represent and guarantee that (i) your participation in this partner education program will not conflict with your existing agreements or agreements; and (ii) you have or have sufficient rights to use and grant us our right to use partner trademarks. “HubSpot Academy Conditions” refers to the conditions for participating in a HubSpot Academy training seminar or certification that are provided on academy.hubspot.com/. “Partnership for Education Program” refers to our partner program, as described in this agreement. l. Benefits of the program. We can change the benefits of the educational program from time to time by updating our website.

You cannot sell, rent, rent or use the Academy`s content profitably, provided that advance does not prevent you from collecting tuition fees in general, regardless of whether the Academy`s content is included in your school curriculum. You cannot include Academy content in documents distributed outside your classroom or organization without our express written consent (for example. B for inclusion in a published book). You must not change the appearance of the Academy`s content or remove our name or logo from the Academy`s content. Whitelabeling is strictly prohibited. We determine the content of the Academy that we make available to you as part of this agreement and there are certain content that you may not be able to access, unless you are a customer on our part or if you pay a fee.