4.5 The contracting parties negotiate in good faith the implementation of an innovation contract between them and Saudi Aramco (“Novation Agreement”), the purchaser insuring all rights, interest and receivables as well as all debts, obligations and obligations of the seller or his related companies (if any) arising from the closure as part of (a) offshore triple rig contract, contract No. 6600019840, from and between Hercules Offshore Arabia Ltd and Saudi Aramco of 17 March 2008; (b) Offshore Triple Rig Contract, Contract No. 6600019680, from and between Hercules Offshore Arabia Ltd. and Saudi Aramco, from 17 March 2008; and (c) offshore drilling contract, contract 6600028335, from and between Hercules Offshore Arabia Ltd. and Saudi Aramco, from March 20, 2012, in the amended version (all “drilling contracts” and a “drilling contract”). In order to avoid any doubt, the purchaser cannot unreasonably refuse approval of the final form of the Novation agreement, as the duration or destination requested is substantially identical to the terms of the drilling contracts. With respect to the transfer and assumption of the rights and obligations arising from the drilling contracts, the parties agree and acknowledge that the buyer is in charge of the seller`s ongoing drilling operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If the purchaser or its ordering or persons violate the principles of the code of ethics and the model and/or commit the offences described in it, whether or not the buyer is convicted of these offences, the seller is entitled to terminate the order and/or the sale contract with immediate effect with a written announcement, without prejudice to compensation for the damage already caused to the seller. Icon Fleet has also entered into a share purchase agreement with PPTB for the acquisition of a 51% interest in Perisai Offshore Sdn Bhd for $1.06 million.RM. In order to reach an agreement with shipyards and creditors, Borr Drilling plans to offer up to $30 million in new deposit securities representing the economic shares in the same number of underlying common shares of the company, with a face value of $0.05 each. In a statement on Wednesday, it said it remained involved in other tendering procedures “that could lead to the sale of some modern assets in order to further strengthen the liquidity position.